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The Future of Wearables Technology MASIMO FREEDOM™

Smart Health Watch & Band

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  • Hydration Index (Hi™)

  • Oxygen Saturation (SpO₂)

  • Respiration Rate (RRp®)

  • Pulse Rate Variability (PRV)

  • Pulse Rate

  • Steps

  • Fall Detection

Masimo Freedom Smart Health Watch and Band are not cleared for use in medical applications in the U.S.

Continuous Matters. Accuracy Matters. Privacy Matters. Health Matters.

Accurate personal health tracking of your vitals including SpO2, pulse rate and relative hydration along with recovery and sleep indexes, from a brand that has been protecting people in hospitals as a technology leader for nearly 30 years.

Buy Masimo W1® Sport today, and receive a $500 credit toward the purchase of Masimo Freedom™ watch at launch.

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Introducing Masimo Freedom Band™

Health Band

The Masimo Freedom Band utilizes the same patented sensor technology as in the Masimo W1 and Freedom smartwatches. It provides the same continuous, precision accuracy based on Masimo SET® technology in an ultra-comfortable uncompromising design. Masimo Freedom Band is a perfect complement to the Masimo Freedom smartwatch. Whether you choose to buy the entire family of Masimo wearables or just the Masimo Freedom Band, your path to better health starts here.

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Complete Health

Remarkably insightful. Highly personal. Especially accurate.

The Masimo Health App provides complete health tracking that empowers you to take control of your personal wellness. Whether you choose Masimo Freedom smartwatch or Masimo Freedom Band as your next personal health investment, our wearable technology devices integrate seamlessly with an app experience built to help you understand your personal health data and provide guidance on how you can improve your life each day.


Precision accuracy in luxury form, Masimo Freedom smartwatch provides unparalleled depth and breadth in data, such as real-time health indicators like pulse rate and respiration rate, and unique scores and indexes such as Hydration Index, and Stress Index. (Available within app experience for Masimo Freedom Band.)


A comprehensive view of your sleep that you can count on. Sleep insights are personalized based on each person’s unique sleep trends and profile index tracking. Both Masimo Freedom smartwatch and Band feature our innovative sensor technology - which means you're able to rely on real-time accuracy day and night.


Supporting your pursuit of better health, Masimo wearable technologies maintain accuracy and track your personal health data. No matter how intense your activity, you'll enjoy an especially accurate read-out regardless of movement 2 or skin color 3 that provides you with deeper knowledge of your own body.

Control Your Data with Privacy Mode

With the flick of a switch, Masimo Freedom’s Privacy Mode allows you to control the sharing of your personal data so that your data stays private within the watch.


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1. This is a Pre-Production Prototype and final design, specifications, and features, including Watch and App interface, are subject to change. Reservation Terms and Conditions apply. 2. Shah N., Ragaswamy H.B., Govindugari K., Estanol L. J Clin Anesth. 2012 Aug;24(5):385-91. 3. Barker SJ, Wilson WC. Racial effects on Masimo pulse oximetry: a laboratory study. J Clin Monit Comput. 12 Nov 2022. 4. Price is for United States only and is subject to change based on final design, specifications, and features. This price does not include any applicable sales, use, or other applicable governmental taxes nor any shipping charges. The Reservation Terms and Conditions apply.